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Swordchomp is a multi-faceted adventure that delves into video gaming, birthed from the ashes of a former podcast.  Fish, Josh, Morgan, and Shea are the heart of Swordchomp.

With the Chompcast, we aim to deliver an insightful and unique perspective on gaming as we talk about our experiences with the games we play, recent gaming news that most affects our interests, and philosophical issues encompassing everything that involves video gaming.

Most importantly, the four of us want to create and maintain an interactive community. We want all types of gamers to come together to discuss video gaming with us and each other. You are integral to our experience! Come play games with us, come chat, and most importantly, have fun and keep gaming.


The Crew

Morgan Barnes once had a thing for ogres, but has since moved on to Pokemon.

Anthony Fisher was the cutest Beatle until being replaced by Paul.

Joshua Fowler has an intense feud with Patton Oswalt over who is the supreme My Little Pony fan.

Shea Layton was The Most Interesting Man in the World's life coach.


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Jason Alan Roberts - logo and branding

Music by:

Michael Gilboe - Copperhead Production

Lately Kind of Yeah


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