Everybody Was Claymation Fighting - Ep. 4

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Welcome to episode 4 of the Chompcast! We start off the episode talking about a real-life Pokemon adventure. It heads to a small discussion on Pokemon and Mega Man. From there, we discuss our time with the brilliant Shovel Knight, a wonderful throwback. Next, we talk about our time with The Witness, an excellent puzzle game. Josh tells us of his time with the newest World of Warcraft expansion, Legion. Fish does his best impression of a newscaster.


Intros - 00:00:27

Pokemon and Mega Man - 00:02:30

Shovel Knight – 00:10:40

The Witness – 00:21:50

World of Warcraft: Legion – 00:38:10

News – 00: 51:30

Battlefield 1 – 01:35:10