Chompcast Horror Roundtable

The sound of footsteps resonate too loudly as we creep down the dank, dark hallway.  Heavy breathing penetrates our shivering bodies.  The thick, icy air becomes more and more painful to inhale.  The creaking of a hinge sounds in the distance, freezing us all in our tracks, breaths held.  Behind us, deep, loud breathing... now closer... the wet breath strikes the back of our necks.  We hesitantly turn around and come face to face with the brand new episode of the Chompcast!

Filled with horror and suspense, we have our second roundtable episode where we discuss our personal top three horror games.  We also manage to discuss Fish and Morgan's newest phone addiction, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.  Morgan also lays down the first Chompcast challenge ever, as he prompts Josh to beat his high score on Super Mario Run.  We discuss news topics such as sales of systems and games during the holiday season, cancelling of Scalebound, the new Mass Effect trailer, Guillermo Del Toro, and the Marvel/Square Enix mashup.

Recorded Jan 27, 2017