Morgan and the Golden Dunk - Ep. 70

golden dunk.jpg

The players trot to the bench, perspiring and exhausted, yet feeling determined and anxious.  A few of the players look up at the scoreboard.  It reads, 62-62 with 0:11 seconds left.  The coach pulls out a whiteboard with some colored magnets, and he places them into position.  He begins to whip them around the board, talking strategy of defense and offense.  The players crouch over the board, as sweat drips from their brows and rains down onto the hardwood floor of the court.  Holding their knees, they nod their heads as the coach fills their mind with a final play.
The coach gives them players a few short words of encouragement.  "One stop," he says.  Fatigue threatens to creep into the players' muscles, but the adrenaline of the close game keeps them alert and ready.  The referee blows his whistle, filling the gym with the piercing sound of the game continuing.  The players of both teams flood the floor.  Each one begins to concentrate on what they need to do, focusing all of their minds on this moment.
The opposing team's player receives the ball out-of-bounds from the referee.  The referee blows his whistle again.  The opposing players begin their practiced movement, performing a play to get their star player the ball.  It is successful, as the opposing star player grabs the ball.  The defender stays in front of the star, shuffling his feet and keeping his hands out wide with his butt low.  The star player fakes going left before tossing the ball to the right in a quick crossover move.  The defender goes for the fake, leaving the star player with a straight drive to the hoop.
The star player looks up.  4 seconds left!  He sprints to the basket as he dribbles, eyeing the rim with his peripheral vision.  He picks up his dribble just below the free throw line.  One defensive player, Morgan, steps away from his man to block the star player's drive to the hoop.  He shuffles over, gathers his footing, and jumps straight into the air as the star player himself begins to jump.  The star player soars above the defensive Morgan, catching him with his body.  Morgan goes flying to the side, face frozen in anguish.  The star player throws down a sick windmill dunk, shaking the rim and backboard.  The ball flies through the net and smashes Morgan in the head as he lies on the ground in pain.  The ball scares him and puts him further in pain.  The shock of the pounding of the ball causes Morgan to piss all over himself and the court as he is knocked unconscious.  The gym roars in cheers as the opposing team celebrates.  Morgan's team mates rush over to help him, but see the puddle of urine and leave him soaking himself.
This week is completely jam-packed with content, as the end of the year approaches.  First, we focus on the brief announcements of the PSX convention.  We somehow manage to fit in talk of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, Resident Evil 7 DLC, Hollow Knight, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Nier: Automata.  We also cover Fish's Amiibo addiction, a bio break article involving chimpanzees and viruses, and a fantastic listener question.  Enjoy the newest episode of the Chompcast, and as always, thanks for being a part of our community.

Recorded December 15, 2017