Chompcast Game of the Year 2017 - Day 1 Part 1


Ladies and gentlemen, the time is here. Please don your beautiful, elegant dresses and your snazziest tuxedos. Wear your fanciest ties and put on your best make-up. Rent a limousine, bring your exclusive tickets, and walk down the red carpet to the Daggertooth Awards, Swordchomp’s Game of the Year event!

We run through many categories of the first day of two, such as favorite character haircut, favorite character of 2017 you’d like to have a drink with, game of 2017 that best describes your sex life, favorite ecology, favorite character, favorite art direction, favorite boss, best sound design, favorite narrative, favorite gameplay mechanic, favorite soundtrack, favorite game this year that wasn’t released in 2017, and favorite gaming moment of 2017. Afterwards, we decide which games or characters get the coveted Daggertooth awards!

Come join the longest show in Chompcast history in all of its edited and unedited splendor, and please return tomorrow for day two of the Daggertooth Awards!

Also, any music enclosed from video games, we do not own.