Skyline Naught Morn


Slithering and slinking through the grass, red tresses flow through with ease. Blurry, hasty, obscure.  You cannot catch her.  She stalks the mechanized fauna, observing their movements.  Ever-ready to kill, she stays her hand, recognizing that the situation calls for silence and caution.  The Machine turns its back to her, looking for any potential enemies that will disrupt the feeding time of the rest, unaware that the red tresses are rushing toward it with precision.  It hears a slight, abnormal brush of the ground.  The Machine turns towards the peculiar sound, but does not see anything.  The red tresses have leapt overhead.  Bringing down the staff with all of her might, she smashes the Machine’s ocular cavity, killing it with ease.  Looking around, no one has noticed her.  She slinks back into the grass, unseen, as if she was never there.

As you can tell, Horizon Zero Dawn is on the brain this week as we here at Swordchomp have delved deep into the game this week.  A gratifying and visceral experience, the game was well-met here with us.  We also manage to discuss some preliminary thoughts with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and some continuing thoughts on Fire Emblem: Fates.  We top off this action-packed podcast with news regarding a country kerfuffle caused by Ghost Recon Wildlands, Destiny 2, and Xbox Game Pass. Enjoy the talk regarding Aloy, and happy gaming!

Recorded Mar 3, 2017