Chompcast 33 - Another Podcast Without That Douche, Shea

Busting down the doors of the high school, you slide into the hallway, racing forward with feverish anxiety.  You're late!  Your test has already started, and you slept in.  You idiot.  You can't afford to fail this test.  You are only a few minutes late when you enter the classroom.  You are scolded by the teacher, but she still allows you to take the test.  After powering through the rigorous exam, you rush out of class to meet up with your girlfriend.  She's mad at you from the night before.  You meet up with her at her locker, and you say hi.  She ignores the greeting, but turns to hand you a case with a brand new game in it.  You look down and you see P5 printed on a red and black case.  You look back up and you are absolutely intrigued.

This week, we delved into some interesting topics that weighed on our mind, such as the BAFTA awards, the new Alien movie, initial thoughts on Persona 5, and Fish’s time thus far with Catherine.

Recorded April 7, 2017