Chompcast 42 - Virtual Sherpa (Fish Day)


Donning his favorite cowboy hat and pair of bright pink assless chaps, Fish and family rolls into Great Falls in a horse drawn carriage.  He steps down off the coach and narrows his eyes in the sun.  Morgan (in the same yellow, polka-dot summer dress that he wore the first time he met him) greets Fish with a wave of his lacy handkerchief (the Sunday one, with the roses embroidered round the edges).  Still damp from drying the dewy drops of joy streaming down his leg, er face, it flutters in the breeze, salt glittering in the sunlight.  They gallavant off to the town's computer, where they play The Oregon Trail, attempt to use a VR headset on dialup internet, and fend off another raid on their encampment by those durned bandits.  Let us bait you in this week as we hook you with the latest episode of the Chompcast.  Fish Day is upon us at High Noon.

Recorded June 2, 2017