Chompcast Anniversary Special - Ep. 53 - 24/7, 350 Days a Year


Our merry band of adventurers take a break this week to reflect on their journey thus far and to celebrate one year questing in search of the legendary Sword Chomp.  It has been a rough road so far, and ahead shows no sign of easing; but tonight is a night for looking back.  As the roaring flames of their bonfire give way to glowing embers, each hero looks back in his own way.

Fish gently fingers the filigree on a small silver locket.  He carefully unfastens the latch and opens it.  Inside is a lock of hair and faded picture of a loved one.  He tenderly kisses the etching, and lingers deeply breathing in what little scent remains in those golden strands.  Fish clasps the locket closed as carefully as he opened it, and quickly returns it to its place by his heart.

Shea prays for the souls of those the heroes couldn't save... mostly just that they'll haunt someone else in the party.  As he opens his eyes a pair of flickering coals meet his gaze and seem to acquiesce.  From the pit a final flame leaps up, crackling, and its sparks fly away on a wind not felt.

On the other side of the fire Josh empties his pack to clean and inventory his poisons.  He is unsure how so many skulls got in there, but that's what the name tags were for.  He opens a bottle with more warning labels than most, and he takes a sip.  One of smaller skulls seems to laugh at him knowingly, and he tosses it in the fire.

Sat too close to the fire for safety, but not close enough for warmth, Morgan stuffs a pile of envelopes with IOUs.  He uses the same pet name in all the accompanying letters, but makes sure to sign each with the correct alias.

This week we discuss year one of the Chompcast, No Man's Sky, What Remains of Edith Finch, and answer lots of listener questions.

Recorded August 16, 2017