The Doors - Ep. 56


Hey guys!  This week, we welcome our special and last guest to the Chompcast in our few months of guest hosts.  Ryan did an awesome job with us as we discussed our prevailing thoughts regarding nostalgia in gaming.  We pondered why nostalgia is such a massive proponent in gaming culture, as well as culture in general.  We posed the question to ourselves: is it a trick our mind plays on us, or is there a level of validity within the nostalgia that speaks to something deeper?  We also briefly mentioned games that harken back to an earlier time for us, and why they matter so much.  Is it the artwork?  The music?  The dialogue?  The characters?  What senses, emotions, and memories do these games invoke within us?

Next, we barrel-rolled on into discussion of what is clearly going to be one of this year’s hottest and most talked about games, Destiny 2.  The hype is real with some members of the crew as they discuss their experiences thus far with the single- and multi-player.  We pay homage to the following that this game has garnered over the years, highlighting the reasons we think that Destiny has continued to be the juggernaut it is since its first release.

We catch up with the crew, as is tradition around here, and hear tales regarding very old guns, cliff jumping, truck driving, and a question posed to us by one of our wonderful listeners.  Come join in on the fun, and happy gaming!

Recorded September 8, 2017