Al(le)gory - Ep. 114

Chompcast 114.png

We have a special episode for you this week, as Morgan is joined by none other than Fish and Josh in his podcasting lair IN THE FLESH. That’s right. Fish and Josh are in Montana this week for Morgan’s wedding, and we were able to fit in another episode of the Chompcast. We discuss balancing relationships and marriage with gaming. Is there a catch-all solution, or is it case by case? We bolster the topic with comments from you lovely people. We also reveal the results of the weekly polls. We cap off this wonderful episode with discussion of Astroboy, My Memory of Us, and briefly mention CrossCode. Hop on in for this wedding extravaganza of an episode!


Intro – 0:27

Relationships/Marriage and Video Gaming – 17:37

Listener Comments – 33:08

Astrobot – 01:03:20

Polls – 01:14:30

My Memory of Us – 01:21:56

CrossCode – 01:42:00

Outro – 01:42:28