Waves of Ack - Ep. 109


Emotions can be complex or simplistic. Sometimes they are labeled as good and bad. There are ones that we can spend a lifetime chasing, forever seeking another blissful moment with it. There are others that we attempt to shove deep with inside of ourselves, desiring to never spend another second with them. One thing is for certain: emotions can be difficult. It can be hard to figure out why we feel emotions or why they compel us to do various activities. One particular couch comes to mind (Fish).

One emotion that we wanted to focus our sights on this week for the show topic was melancholy. More specifically, we wanted to focus on gaming memories that made us feel melancholy. We posed the question to the community and followed it up with some polls. Morgan and Josh discuss their time with Spiderman PS4. We also ran a poll gauntlet for the best Spiderman villain. Please do enjoy yourself as you listen. Ack ack ack!