Falling off the Bandwagon - Ep. 61


You come upon an old camp, recently deserted as it was filled with bones and torn flesh specks.  Prompted as you know you are close, you follow them.  You are riding on a steed recently procured from Rohan.  You have rode over 12 days in search of the fleeing orcs.  Your war party is close behind, but you have rode ahead to scout the filthy enemies.  You smell their putrid stench as you gallop in their wake.  Footfalls litter the ground as the orcs pounded their heavy feet, scuttling away from the angered humans.  You see them in the distance, and push your horse to the brink, wanting revenge for the attack on your village.  In your blind rage, you do not detect the two Warg riders lying in wait nearby.  They ambush you, as the lieutenant slays you, disembowelling you and laughing as the Warg rips you apart.

You wake up suddenly back at the camp, remembering that you were just murdered.  Confused, you chase after the orcs again.  You spot them in the distance.  You remember the ambush duo and prepare yourself.  You see the two orcs on their Wargs.  One yells to the other, “Captain, he knew we were here.”  You think to yourself Captain???

This week, we discussed the topic of loot boxes, as they have seemed to permeate almost every gaming title as of late.  Morgan discusses his time with Shadow of War.  We managed to fit in some Cuphead and Destiny 2 talk, as well as Shea discussing his time with the Stranger Things mobile game and a fan-made Crash Bandicoot 2d game.

Recorded October 13, 2017