3D is for Chumps - Ep. 60


“Heeeeeeeey, Ms. Brown.  Get our guest a glass of water, please!”  Listen.  No need to come into the office packing a heater.  How’s about you and me open into this hooch, and you can listen to my story?  That sweet patootie out there… she used to be a different person.  She used to be a canary, living the fast life when she became a junkie.  It was common to see her begging for a Cadillac, running through it in a few days.  She was on the fast track to end up in a Chicago overcoat.  This Dick happened to walk in one day and take notice to her.  I got her some help, getting her treatment.  Now, she reaches for the City Juice instead of the powder.  So let me ask you something… what can I do for you?

We channel our inner Willy as we delve into the game that is hot off the press: Cuphead.  We were all enthralled with the game’s vivid style and throwback personality.  The game was so inspirational that it prompted our question for this week: how do we personally feel about difficulty within a game?  We also briefly delved into Sonic Mania and Little Nightmares.  Grab yourself some hooch, and sit down with a smooth episode of the Chompcast.

Recorded October 6, 2017