Breaking with Convention - Ep. 63


You open your eyes, allowing your vision to adjust to your surroundings.  Your vision is blurred, but slowly coming into focus.  You are lying on your back, and you feel the occasional rock in your back and legs.  You smell the air.  A stale scent greets your nostrils.  In the distance, you hear primal sounds.  Near you, it is eerily quiet.  You begin to cough as the air you are inhaling hurts your lungs.  It tastes foul, as if something evil lurks here.  Your vision comes into focus, and you notice the sky is darkened to a bluish-black hue.  Ash rains down, further threatening your breathing.

You stand up from the hard ground and begin to look around you.  You see the remnants of a bank, with the roof crumpled into the building.  The front door clung to the wall by a single hinge, begging to escape the abandoned structure.  Vines have grown over many of the old buildings and walkways.  Not a soul is found here.  "Where the hell am I?" you think to yourself.

You pass more buildings, yet no one can be seen or heard.  You hear a rock tumble down a brick landslide on the side of a two story building.  You frantically look around, suddenly hyper aware of your surroundings.  In that moment, you realize that you are not alone.  You start to run away as fast as you can.  Your breath becomes labored, as adrenaline pumps through your body.  You hear rustling behind you, but you don’t dare look back.  You look for shelter anywhere. Oh God, I’m gonna die, you think over and over.  A massive creature suddenly lands in front of you, causing you to fall down in fright.  You attempt to scream, but nothing comes out.  The creature skulks towards you until it reaches you.  It is towering over your body.  You feel the hot breath of the monster raining down on you.  You can no longer breathe.  The maw of the creature opens and you see rows upon rows of teeth.  You close your eyes as you see the head of the creature descend upon you.

This week on the Chompcast, we bring back Firekeeper to discuss the question, Which conventions have we always wanted to go to?  Next, there is more talk of Destiny 2, as Josh and Shea have finally both played the game.  There is some non-spoiler discussion of both Stranger Things the Game and Stranger Things season 2.  Make sure you grab your walkie talkie and turn to the right channel, so you can hear the latest episode!

Recorded October 27, 2017