Senseless Violence - Ep. 64

Senseless Violence.jpg

The four heroes return to the tavern they once visited, after a lengthy few months of slaying monsters and travelling with various heroes.  Josh throws his pack on an empty table and beelines straight to the bar for a pint.  Fish sits down at the table, and begins to etch on a wrinkly parchment.  Shea sets his stuff down and hurries off to the bathroom, holding his weak bladder for much too long.  Morgan joins Fish at the table and motions to the head mistress to have her send his favorite girl.  Within seconds, he falls asleep.  As the mistress arrives, she stares at the passed out hero, and then looks at Fish.  Fish looks up from his parchment, shrugs his shoulders, and then continues to write onto the paper.  The mistress, angered that her time was wasted, slaps the napping hero in the back of the head, then ascends the stairs back to the second floor.

Rich, the bartender whips up four pints of his finest ales for the heroes.  He joins Josh, as they begin to catch up on the tales of the creature eliminating.  Josh tells of the heroes’ sagas, weaving story after story.  Rich listens intently, and then primes Josh for a story of his own.

“There is a man that just entered our dusty town. No one has ever seen him before.  He is unlike anything anyone has ever seen.”

Riveted, Josh sits at the end of his chair, gulping his beer.  His eyes are widened, and a frothy, beery moustache gleams on his upper lip.

Rich continues, “He has been labelled one of the greatest monster destroyers this world has ever seen.  But that’s not what makes him so odd.”

Rich, looked around, ensuring that no one was eavesdropping.  Josh repeats Rich’s actions, almost looking to see if the strange creature he spoke of would suddenly pop up.

“No, what’s so odd about this man is---”

Suddenly, a group of 3 enemies burst into the bar, surprising everyone.  They knocked over Fish and Morgan, tangling them with the legs of the chairs and tables.  Some of the patrons fled for upstairs, fearing for their life.  Josh went to draw his sword, but remembered that he had set it on the table in his weariness.  Shea attempted to exit the bathroom to join the fracas, but locked himself in the bathroom and couldn’t get out.
A man burst into the tavern, wearing red overalls and a red hat.  He donned a thick moustache, one not made of beer.  The heroes looked to the man, and were greeted with, “Here we GOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Recorded November 3, 2017