Working Title - Ep. 67


Two of our heroes have taken on a mission of their own.  After consulting a town’s mission board, Fish and Shea decide to go forward in time to save some unfortunate souls from the one and only, the Devil himself.

Donning VR helmets, they venture into the 1930s United States, a time ravaged by drought and the Great Depression.  History was made during this era: the Empire State Building and Hoover Dam were constructed, the first World Cup occurred, multiple record-breaking flights were recorded by Amelia Earhart and Wiley Post, Donald Duck was introduced as a Disney character, and the beginning of World War 2.  Fish spots two anthropomorphic cups frolicking through the streets, discussing strategy to defeat some unknown assailant.

The two heroes dart off into a back alley, opening up to a field littered with farms.  They start to walk through the field, sensing something slightly nefarious.  Suddenly, the Root Pack pops out of the earth.  Moe Tato laughs, Weepy begins to sob uncontrollably in fear, and Psycarrot holds his orange head as he begins to concentrate with his eyes closed.  Our heroes look to each other and pull out their finger guns.

While Shea and Fish are out fighting for souls, Josh and Morgan decide to hit a lake rumored to be loaded with massive fish.  After looting some sturdy fishing poles from some fiends nearby (what?), they bait their hooks and cast them into the water.  Almost instantly, both Morgan and Josh look some beastly aquatic animals.  Morgan manages to yank his out first, hoisting it into the air with glee.  “Finally, what I’ve always wanted!”  Josh, mere seconds later, pulls with all of his might, nearly snapping the rod. A fish twice the size of both of them flops up onto shore.  Josh gives a sideways glance over to Morgan and snickers. “Mine’s bigger.”

This week on the Chompcast, we have plenty to discuss, such as Fish getting a Switch, Shea playing Cuphead as well as Fish finishing the game, Shea’s brief experience with PS VR in a video game bar in Japan, Morgan’s and Fish’s time with Star Wars: Battlefront 2, and Morgan’s Holy Grail of a game; Final Fantasy 15 Monsters of the Deep.  We also present the question of expectations versus reality in video gaming.

Recorded November 25, 2017