Perturbing Animals - Ep. 68

animal crossing.jpg

You arrive at your camp, having traveled through forest and plains to reach it.  You are exhausted, but the thrill of a new adventure reinvigorates you, encouraging you. In the clearing, you see a creature with its back turned to you.  It seems to be busy, but with what, you do not know.  You stroll over to it, ever curious.  A yelp in fright greets you as the creature turns to face you.  A dog!
The dog, having realized who you are, begins to wag its tail.  This dog is peculiar, as it is standing on its two hind legs.  It walks over to you, very human-like, and says hello.  You are initially taken aback, having never met a talking animal before.  It extends its paw, offering a shake of friendship.  You grasp the paw in your own hand, shake it, and offer a warm hello in return.
The dog seems very happy to see you.  It begins to show you around the campsite, as your excitement is building and building.  It offers to help you with the formation of your camp, which you readily accept.  The dog recommends that you build couches.  Lots and lots of couches.  You think to yourself, why?  Why couches?  You decide to go with the dog’s advice, and you build 10 different couches.  The dog, ecstatic, lowers himself to all fours, and begins to run across the couches, hopping from one to another in frantic disarray.  You watch in confusion and amazement as the dog runs and jumps for 5 minutes.  Finally, it begins to settle down, as it falls asleep on a couch.  You chuckle to yourself, and  you set down your pack.
This week on the Chompcast, we have a fun and slightly contentious episode packed with talk of Animal Crossing mobile, Pyre, and Legend of Zelda: BotW.  Our topic of the week is the recent controversy and the aftermath of EA, and how it affects the gaming medium as a whole.  Lastly, we tie it off with a Bio Break of a fish that lives deep in the Mariana Trench.

Recorded December 1, 2017