Chompcast 40 - The Tragic Moustache

In those moments of free time, you pull your phone out of your pocket.  You scroll through your apps, looking for some inspiration of what to do.  Do you look through the post feed on your social media apps?  Do you look up sports scores?  World news?  Instead, you have a hankering for a few minutes of gameplay.  What kind of game do you want instant access to on your phone?

That is the question that we started out with on the Chompcast this week: which game series do we want to see on mobile?  In the wake of Destiny 2's press conference, we dig into our thoughts and feelings on what was revealed.  Morgan is elated to share his first experiences with his brand-new Playstation VR headset.  We finish this episode with a few great listener questions!

Recorded May 19, 2017