Chompcast 39 - The Imitation Game

A video game is a strange and awful thing.  In old times, without knowing so much of their strangeness and awfulness as we do, people were yet more afraid of video games.  But then somehow they had not come to see how beautiful they are as well as awful, and they hated them - and what people hate they must fear.  Now that we have learned to look at them with admiration, perhaps we do not feel quite awe enough of them.  To me they are beautiful terrors.

This week we discuss our favorite clones, talk about new settings we'd like to see for old series, and answer some listener questions.  We also talk about gifts that Morgan gave us on his birthday, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Stellaris.

Join us next week for a special interview with Dave, the leather guy.

Recorded May 12, 2017