Chompcast 38 - A Little Taste of Prey

You enter a cold room.  There is a foul, metallic taste to the air.  You can hear your every breath.  Each sound amplified, ringing out with an eerie certainty.  There is no one here that is alive but you.  You smell a mix of dust and rotting flesh.  You suddenly notice that your throat is arid, and you are dying for your thirst to be quenched.  You desperately search for a water source when you spot a water fountain.  You stagger over there, weary and injured from your previous battles with the foul creatures.  You bend at the waist towards the water fixture, lowering your head to receive the best water you’ll ever taste.  You start to drink. After what takes seemingly forever, the water replenishes your low health... by one point?!?

Prey is on the minds of Swordchomp this week as we discuss our time with the demo.  Fish and Shea square up on a challenge by playing each other’s current mobile gaming obsession.  Morgan and Josh also discuss their short time with Nier: Automata.  We also manage to squeeze in some inspired questions, such as favorite DLC, nerve-striking gaming moments, and Morgan coming one year closer to rotting in a grave (we love you Princess Momo).  Pull up a chair, grab a nice brew out of the fridge, and relax as we weave tales of gaming for your pleasure.

Recorded May 6, 2017