Chompcast 44 - The Hermaphroditic Fish


Sitting around the proverbial couch by the fireplace, we sip on some chilled wine as the scent of burning wood and warm cinnamon fills the air. Josh wears his pinstripe suit and hat with an emu feather sticking out of it. Fish wears a kimono with Hawaiian shorts on underneath. Morgan wears a metal band hoodie with some jeans, tent pitched and ready to go. Shea is in the buff, causing the rest of the guys to keep their gaze at chest level.

It has come and gone, leaving us in jubilation, anxiousness, frustration, and indifference.  In the wake of announcements of many games and a new hardware system, E3 has left us to ponder the immediate future of gaming. We are here to tell you now that the future looks bright. There were many games that generated hype, some that left many people scratching their heads, and a system that may be arriving a bit too late. We explore and navigate through the various announcements by working through each conference. After we purge ourselves of all of the gaming revelations, we give our personal top 5 from E3. Thanks to some wonderful listeners, we answer a few inspired fan questions.