Chompcast 45 - There Are...Three Lights


The Romulans have constructed a secret base in the Demilitarized Zone. You, Crusher, and Worf have been tasked with secret training to infiltrate and destroy the base before they can launch an attack on Starfleet. After weeks of grueling, arduous training, you book transport with a shady alien to bring you to the location. From there, you descend into the caverns and locate the source of the signal that has shown the existence of the Romulan Base. Wait...there is no base. It's a trap! As you and the other two attempt to flee, you are ambushed. The other two manage to escape, but you are captured. You endure days upon days of physical and mental torture. The Romulan officer continues to punish you and exercise his power as your body is abused. You walk over to his desk. He asks you to look up. You see...that...THERE...ARE...

On this week's episode, the crew discuss the question, "What game felt like the hardest and longest wait?" We get into some tangential VR and 3DS discussion as well. We catch up with the crew, and Morgan discusses his time with some old games. Shea lays down a brand new segment, and Fish lays some pipe...for us to build the foundation of episode 45! ...FOUR LIGHTS!