Chompcast 46 - Donkio Meatroid

A battle of the ages. Three teams are in the ring. In one corner, we have the world's most famous plumber. He wears a shining red hat and dons a brushy mustache.  Welcome to the ring Mario and his manager, Fish! In the second ring, we have a wad. A meat wad. He is out to rescue his beautiful and equally squishy girlfriend, Bandage Girl. Heeeeeeeeeeere's Super Meatboy. Accompanying him are his managers Josh and Shea. In the third corner, we have a beige brute that loves to eat bananas. He's a lovable ape. Make way for Donkey Kong! He is advised by none other than Morgan. It is going to be a heated match. Three opponents with different skill sets. Let's begin!

This week on the Chompcast, we discuss our favorite SNES memories in the wake of the news of the SNES/Super Famicom Mini. We also discuss our thoughts regarding Nintendo's newest product. Morgan reveals the results of the "Best Platform" throwdown. We catch up with the crew, revealing some stories of a move within the crew, an update on the brand new baby, another brief gaming addiction, and a video game bar experience. Dive right into this week's episode!