Chompcast 47 - Our Four Heroes

Our four heroes ride across the land on chocobos, scouring the plains for any sign of an enemy. The sun beads down on our foreheads, glimmering off of the beads of sweat. The chocobos feel energized in the revitalizing rays, pushing to appease their masters. Off in the distance, our heroes see a couple of Chimaeras. The first hero wields a buster sword. The second unsheathes his gun blade. The third hero pulls out his dagger and swallow sword. The fourth and final hero laughs his incessant, hideous laugh. The other three heroes fall off of their perished chocobos at the feet of the dead chimaeras. The heroes all have died except for our fourth hero. The hero uses three Phoenix Downs on the fallen heroes, reviving them. He laughs again, enjoying the hilarity of the situation. The shrill, god-awful laugh pierces the remaining three heroes’ ears, causing their brains to implode. The heroes die once again. The remaining hero revives them yet again. Before the hero can say anything, the other three perform seppuku, as hearing the laugh of the fourth hero is a worse fate.

Chompcast listeners. We bring you some goodies today. We start with the question, “If we could put the other hosts into a video game world to live for a week, which world and why?” We reveal the results of the Final Fantasy faceoff. We round up the show with catching up with the crew. Happy gaming!