Chompcast 49 - Fus Rah Dodrio

We exit the shadowy, bottomless cave having staved off the throngs of creatures that lurked in the deep.  Having been such a lengthy amount of time without seeing natural light, we are blinded by the moon and the stars in the sky.  After a few seconds of adjustment, we observe our immediate surroundings and see that we are back in the forest where we began this subterranean adventure.

"We have succeeded!" we think to ourselves.

Suddenly, three giant minotaurs come bumbling out of a thicket of trees, bee lining towards us.  Drawing our swords, we brace ourselves for the unavoidable and seemingly hopeless conflict.  One that will certainly end in our deaths.  The minotaurs' horns tower above their heads, threatening to pierce the sky.  Their hooves decimate the earth with each step.  Each of their thick arms screams at us, veins bulging beneath glistening skin,  all over having to brandish massive axes.  Their eyes are wide open and staring at us, seeming as though they only comprehend that we exist and that we are food.  The beasts have almost descended on us when a massive spear strikes the temple of the lead minotaur.  It dies instantly.  The other two stop to observe their leader's crumpled body, then its murderer.  There stands... a woman? She raises the tips of her fingers and strikes the remaining two with ferocious bolts of lightning.  It's super effective!  The  woman strolls over to us, changing her scowl to a smile before excitedly saying, "Hello! My name is –"

This week on the Chompcast, we kick off our Summer of Guests with Angela Li, also known as Firekeeper.  The cosplayer, gamer, and social media personality drops by to discuss the Destiny 2 beta and Overwatch with the crew.  After an enriching discussion of the two games, the crew plays What If, deciding if we could combine two game worlds, what would they be and why.  We top the show off with a goodbye to Chester Bennington, as he had a profound effect on each one of our lives.  Rest in peace, Chester.  Come join us this week.  Enjoy the show, and happy gaming!

Recorded July 21, 2017