Chompcast 50 - Why Am I Collecting All These Bananas?

After a few long months of journeying with the Slayer of Minotaurs, our paths together finally diverge.  Our companion takes her leave.  She strides off into the West, pursuing her own voyage.  We look on and wave atop our mounts, wistful at the disappearing sight.  "Let us travel on," says the mighty Fish.

We gallop to the next town, and we spot a quirky inn at its center.  Trollops drape over the rails on second floor balcony, the tavern on the first floor is painted a mixture of red and purple, and there is a wooden carving of a fox with a straw hat holding a fishing pole with a goose at the end.

Intrigued, we enter the bar, looking to imbibe and wind down.  Morgan immediately bee-lines for the second floor staircase, the rest of us chuckling at the depraved man.  We sit down at a free table, and begin to look around.  Some of the patrons are hooting and hollering, having a grand time.  Others are intensely focused on a game of cards and dice.  The sounds of customers bumping uglies on the second floor find their way through the cracks in the floor and cause the chandelier to gently sway overhead.  The barmen and barwomen hard at work, sling mugs of beer and glasses of hard liquor across the bar and from table to table.

We order our beers and begin to speak of our next adventure.  Should we complete a contract? Go to a new town? Sail to some new land?  Suddenly, Morgan comes rolling down the stairs, with his pants around his ankles.  He lands at the bottom on his back, sprawled out at the minstrel's feet.  The bar suddenly goes quiet as they observe the spectacle.  From the top of the stairs one of the floozies, clutching her bosom, yells "Get that man!"

Out of nowhere, six brutish men stand up from a table and began to make their way towards the pantsless adventurer. We stand up and rush in front of the six men, blockading Morgan.  "We will get him out of here," we offer.  The men attempt to push past without a word.  Josh throws a lightning-fast punch, knocking one guard in the throat, instantly killing him.  The men, shocked at Josh’s skills, step back in fright.  Fish and Shea pick up Morgan, and he pulls his pants back up onto his hips.

A man from behind the bar yells over the commotion, "Hey! You’re going to have to pay for your friend's time upstairs and that guard of mine you just killed!"  The guards move, revealing a man with glasses.

"No problem," Shea replies. "We apologize for the commotion. What is your name?"
The man grunts back, "Rich."

Shea waves for the other three to go outside while he handles the money exchange, fervently apologizing for the hullabaloo.

Rich, calming down after receiving his coin, asks Shea what the travelers were doing here anyway.

Shea calmly states that they were looking for their next adventure.

Rich asks him to sit for a minute as he tells him a tale of a foul creature plaguing the village.

The Chompcast is graced with a second guest this week in our Summer of Guests: Rich Meister, a writer for Destructoid.  The five of us discuss what games we would include on a hypothetical N64 Classic, prompted by rumors of Nintendo putting a patent out for the controller.  The crew also discuss the new game sweeping the world, Pyre, as well as Battlegrounds, Splatoon 2, Phantasy Star 2, and various VR talk.  Come join us for another awesome episode, and our 50th episode at that!

Recorded July 28, 2017