Chompcast 51 - Sea Snails: The Snails of the Sea

Our four adventurers set off the next morning, having been told of the malevolent creature by the surprisingly generous bartender.  Buzzing with excitement, they head northwest, where lies a den by the edge of a once-beautiful lake.  Since being claimed by the creature, the area near the water sees no wildlife.  The majestic, plump Ebibird has moved on.

Along the road that leads to the lake, the adventurers spot five guards posted up on the road.  Three of them are lying on the side of the road, clutching various wounds.  The other two are on the lookout.  Our adventurers spot another man observing the wounds of the injured guards, tending to them and using magic to temporarily heal them.

"What happened here?" Josh inquires with concern.
Without looking up the healer replies, "The creature of the lake attacked the guards while they were patrolling this morning."  He rises, wiping the sweat from his brow, and continues, "It ran back to the lake."
"We are on our way now to exterminate the very same" offers Fish.
"Zacharias is the name," says the healer, thrusting his hand into Fish's.  "Let me join you to defeat the vile creature!  I have-"
"Please tend to the guards," Morgan interrupts.  "We will handle the creature."

The four adventurers ride off swiftly, looking to waste no more time in defeating the creature of the lake.  Pushing their horses, they make short time of the remainder of their trek.

Keeping up the Summer of Guests here at Swordchomp, we have special guest Zachary Helms join us for some talk of video game endings, and how much they mean to us individually as well as overall.  From there we move on to Pyre, the new Elder Scrolls: Legends card game, and The End is Nigh.  Packed with engaging discussions and air horns, you won’t want to miss this hilarious episode of the Chompcast!

Recorded August 4, 2017