All Life Bows - Ep. 76


Troubling. Troubling is the mind when one delves deep into the inner workings of the brain. Getting lost in thought can lead one to freefall, down…down…down… It feels like a never-ending chasm that can spiral endlessly. Despair can overtake the heartiest person. All it takes is one event to completely alter a person forever. One heartbreak, one death, one violation of the body, one violation of the soul. No one is safe from the devices that can imbue a person with a touch of madness.

Madness is what we feel this week as we have SO MANY TOPICS to cover ranging from what soundtracks mean to gaming and us, the Nintendo Labo, Fortnite with the crew, Morgan’s time with Inpatient, Josh’s laundry list of games he played over the week, and a Bio Break article guaranteed to make your skin crawl. Are you ready for the next episode? We surely hope so.