Deviljho, King of the Definitely Not Just Dinosaurs - Ep. 77


Giant beasts roam the landscape, roaring their loud roars as they claim their territories.  Creatures fly overhead, with gusts of wind flowing from their massive wing spans.  Small creatures dart from bush to tree, looking to forage for food while avoiding the monstrous entities.  The overgrowth hides secrets of the forests.  Within them, there are monster hunters that slink through, hoping to achieve glory by slaying the creatures.

Another action-packed episode of the Chompcast is filled this week, as we first discuss our time together playing Fortnite.  We discuss game delays and how they impact the gaming landscape.  The first big game of the year has dropped: Monster Hunter World.  The crew is fully invested into playing it.  Shea talks about his week with playing more Horizon Zero Dawn.  Morgan shares some reader comments regarding a community question with Battlefront 2.  Lastly, the crew discusses a biology article regarding the axolotl and scientists discovering the axolotl genome.

Recorded February 2, 2018