Save the Princesses! - Ep. 78

Wander's grief.jpg

Exiting the temple, you hop onto your horse.  You speed off into the landscape, wind sweeping your hair around.  You feel the anxiety hit you, overwhelming you as you rush into a canyon.  You feel claustrophobic as the rocky walls of the limestone and granite slowly close in on you. You push through, as there is no time to waste.  You come out and are surrounded by a rocky enclosure.  In the middle of a clearing, you see a monstrous entity, towering over you and blocking out the sun.  Your horse neighs in fear.  Your eyes widen, but you temper your fear.  You grip the sword at your waist tighter.  Steeling your nerves, you hop off of your horse, ready to slay the colossus.

What an episode this week became!  We discussed romance in video games, which included some listener polls.  The topic was inspired by our game that we played, Shadow of the Colossus.  Next, we discuss a Bio Break article touching on differences in passion between American and South Asian relationships.  We delve more into Monster Hunter World, and Shea briefly talks about the last of his time with Horizon Zero Dawn.  Come listen and thanks as always for being a part of the community.

Recorded February 9, 2018