Bone and Snoo - Ep. 121

bone and snoo.jpg

A faceless humanoid suddenly appears in a large revolving technological machine. The four of us observe the blank slate; our brains working at hyperlight speed with ideas.

“Give it smaller ears and blue eyes,” Morgan states.

The machine receives the command. Giant panels whir and begin to revolve quickly around the slate. After about 20 second, the creature has ears and eyes matching the request.

“Give it a crew cut, a European nose, and a mouth with giant fangs,” Josh requests.

Again, the machine begins to whir and work, fulfilling the request and revealing the results.

“Make it about 180 centimeters and an athletic build,” Shea demands.

The machine creates and shows off its work.

“Give it a BAC. Also put it in purple pimp garb,” Fish happily directs towards the machine.

The machine beeps for a few seconds, processing the request. A hatch opens that is lined up with Fish’s forehead. The four stare at the machine, confused what is happening. A sawblade shoots out of the machine and severs Fish’s head clean in half.

This week on the Chompcast, we discuss how we all approach character creation. We also discuss an abundance of games, such as Super Smash Ultimate, Supergiant’s new game Hades, Monster Hunter: World, and more.

Recorded December 14, 2018