Gene Sequence - Ep. 80

gene sequence.jpg

There was a feeling of macabre this week as we came face to face with our own mortality... but not in a literal sense.  We looked within the depths of our souls and asked the ultimate question: how do we feel about death?  What is death?  Why does it occur the way it does?  Are we pleased with how people die?

Of course, we didn't mean real humans, but rather video game deaths!  Celeste was the main game we all played this week, discussing Madeline's summit to the top of a mountain as she wrangles with her own debilitating mental faculties.  Within that context, we decided to focus on the concept on death in video games, and how it is explored mechanically-speaking.  We drew upon many influences in the video gaming world, as we all had different facets of death to explore and explain.  From there, we spent time discussing a few social media polls, a weird and ludicrous interview, a Bio Break involving real-life chimeras, and some random video game adventures amongst the crew.  Be prepared to ask yourself at the end of the episode, "How do I feel about death?" In a video game only, of course.

Recorded February 23, 2018