Holey Diver - Ep. 81

Holey Diver.png

Morgan and Fish bust out of their tree cabin, hopping to the earthly jungle floor. The sounds of birds squawking ring through the leafy giants, as the smell of fruit permeates the air. Bananas are not hanging from the trees or vines, but instead floating in midair. This perplexes the two, not understanding how yellow fruit could be suspended in the air.

“I don’t understand physics,” Morgan admits to Fish.
“You don’t understand much of anything,” Fish retorts through a stifled laugh.

Morgan slaps him in the back of the head, then begins to run through the jungle on all fours, fists clinched and landing on the ground in repetition with his feet. Fish fixes his red hat on his head and follows closely behind. Jumping into the bananas, they begin to collect the delicious fruit. It is unsure at this time where the bananas are stored, but that’s not a part of the story. Morgan and Fish leap onto a raised platform when they run into a crocodile pacing back and forth on its hind legs nefariously. The two panic and hop off of the platform. They look up and see a floating K medal above the middle of the platform.

“Seriously, what the hell is up with this jungle?” Morgan quizzically offers to Fish. Fish scoffs, and stares at the medal. Concocting a plan, Fish takes a banana out of his pocket and throws it at the medal, hoping it will fall down to hit the crocodile. Nothing happens. Fish takes another banana out of his (endless???) pocket and throws it at the crocodile. It hits the crocodile, which seems unfazed by the long, sweet fruit bouncing off of its exterior.

“Quit monkeying around!” Morgan yells at Fish. Fish rolls his eyes harder than the rotation of the round earth (the earth is round people; come on!!!).

This week, there was a surplus of subjects to discuss as Shea and Morgan discuss their short time thus far with Kingdom Come Deliverance. As a result of their time with it, it prompted this week’s gaming topic: glitches in video games and how they have impacted us, for better or worse. Morgan finally was able to convince Fish to spend some time playing Donkey Kong Country for his first time ever. Yeah. “How?” is what we thought as well. This week’s Bio Break article was arguably our most contentious, yet informative, as we discussed scientists creating a digital and model version of an existing sea slug. Lastly, we reflect on some polls off of social media and an email sent in from our listener! 

Recorded March 2, 2018