My Art Will Go On - Ep. 82


A man sits in the muck as rain pours down in gallons.  He weeps and shouts to the sky, letting out his anguish to the world.  Broken and hurt, the man cannot contain himself as he is on his knees in front of his dead parents.  He knows that it is dangerous to stay out in the open as looters are wandering about, but he does not care.  The outside world is no longer important to him.  In this moment, death and loss are the only concepts engulfing his mind.

His sword sits at his waist, sheathed in leather and waiting to be of use.  It continues to listen to the man sob uncontrollably for his loved ones laying in front of his body.  It hears footsteps approach, followed by a few chuckles.  It feels its master rustle, standing up to face the strangers.  A hand is placed on the sword, being drawn as the visitors and the man exchange words.  Water begins to fall upon its steel, and it sees a cloudy sky.  Carnage surrounds it, as buildings are caved in, burned, and smoking.  People lay dead in the streets.  It sees the parents of the man, eyes closed, yet frozen in expressions of anguish and misery.

The man steels himself, ready to fight the gargantuan looter with a hammer.  The looter charges at the man, pulling his arm back, ready to strike the shorter man.  A laser cuts through the right side of his chest, shooting out the other side.  The blow singes the flesh of the looter, as he drops his hammer and free falls to the ground.  No sound emanates from the gargantuan attacker as he lays face down in the mud.  The other four looters frantically look around in shock, attempting to find the source.  A mech appears from nowhere, punching one of the looters into the other.  The power of the blow explodes the two colliding looters, covering the area with viscera and blood.  The remaining two attempt to run away when a missile explodes in between them, thrusting them into buildings, breaking their bones.  They crumble into a heap, where they lay shattered and dying.

Three mechs appear close to the man with the sword.  One mech opens and appears a woman wearing futuristic clothing.  â€œYou are safe now,” she assures the man.

This week on the Chompcast, we have our good buddy, Rich Meister, on to join the festivities of discussing Kingdom Come Deliverance, Into the Breach, and Monster Hunter World.  We tackled our most controversial topic to date after being prompted by multiple media outlets: can we separate the art from the artist?  Morgan discussed a few of his questionable polls off of social media, and we included listener responses.

Recorded March 9, 2018