Fishen Lagann - Ep. 83


Mechs mechs mechs.  That is the obsession on this week’s Chompcast, as we are still helplessly addicted to the glory that is Into the Breach, Subset Game’s tactical rogue-like game.  With Josh rejoining us this week, we have a full-fledged discussion.  Morgan tells us tales about his rekindled love of Donkey Kong, as well as his engagement story to his fiancé (congrats, ya bastard).  We have some silly polls from the Instagram, and one serious one as we attempt to sound educated regarding artificial intelligence.  Of course, we can’t forget the topic of this week, as we discussed games that sounded “bad” to us on paper, only to end up being a well-liked to coveted experience for us.  The topic was bolstered by comments from you, the listeners.  As always, thank you for your continued support and love for the show.

Recorded March 16, 2018