A Way Out - Ep. 84


The white, sterile hospital room is empty, save for someone.  It lays there on the table, seemingly lifeless.  Upon further inspection, the rise and fall of the chest can be seen as it continues to breathe through shallow, controlled breaths.  A gown covers it as it lays on its side unconscious and waiting to be operated on.  Its mind begins to dream of a time already passed.
It was running through a forest, darting and weaving through the underbrush.  A blur was ahead of it, barely keeping pace as it attempted to flee.  It could smell its flesh, a succulent scent gracing its nostrils.  It could barely contain its excitement and hunger as it continued the chase.  It let out a screeching roar, alerting the blur and anyone else in the forest that it would soon be dining on the meat of a smaller creature.  Leaping forward with its large claws attached to its hind legs, it pinned the blur down.  The smaller dinosaur attempted to break free as the velociraptor watched for a few seconds, reveling in its success.  It brought down its razor-sharp teeth, rending the tough exterior of the smaller dinosaur, and biting into the sweet taste of flesh and blood.
Now, the velociraptor was in a hospital full of medical tools and doctors dying of cancer.  Long past were the days where it would hunt for food, as it was slowly wasting away.  The doctors had planned a last ditch effort to save the velociraptor by performing a unique kind of surgery to remove the tumors plaguing its body.  The doctors stormed in, roaring and showing their gleaming teeth that were the size of daggers. They adorned gowns and eye coverings, in case of blood splatter.
They began to wash their claws in sinks that were so high up on the wall that they almost touched the ceiling.  They heard a stir, turning around to see the velociraptor wake up from its unconscious state.  It seemed as if the anaesthesia was wearing off.  One of the doctors began to prepare a second dose.  Another doctor moved to the velociraptor, checking on the cancerous dinosaur.
“Please…” the velociraptor whispered, barely managing to say the words, “give me… a hand.”
The velociraptor looked up at the doctor, meeting its gaze. What stared back at it was a large t-rex waving its stubby arms and shrugging.
This week on the Chompcast, we were deep into the world of co-op as it was our main topic of discussion.  The topic was prompted by our main game of this week, A Way Out.  Morgan and Josh continued their onslaught of the Donkey Kong series, moving on to Donkey Kong Country 2.  Somehow, for only God knows why, we managed to squeeze out even more Monster Hunter World talk.  That’s your show, so jump on it!

Recorded March 23, 2018