Lutefiskedopolis - Ep. 88


Hark ye! Hast thou ever heard the tale of pillage?
Of pillage and plunder? Do well and listen, ye dog
Let me regale a tale so fierce and fabled
Forever etched upon the mind of you, listener
Four sea dogs set sail to capture untold treasures
Like the hawk who clutches its prey in sharp talons
They sought to grasp the riches, riches, riches
They knew not what troubles awaited on perilous waters

O’er yonder, there laid on the bright and vast horizon
O’er yonder, a ship whose crew were caught unawares
O’er yonder, the four set sail, full speed ahead
O’er yonder, gold and gems, their eyes were set to bear
Was it with remorse or lust that they looked to acquire
The wealth of a man’s kingdom within the hull
Wooden, wainscoted, waterborne, a man’s treasury
Emptying his coffers, livelihood forever purloined

Ne’er a thought the pirates across the waters would starve
Scraping for food off the streets, dirtied and worn
Sea dogs becoming stray dogs, begging for table scraps
No, there wasn’t a single thread of remorse
Only a gleam or glimmer had shone in the four’s eyes
Awaiting destiny for too long stirred a lust so unquenched
They blasted the hull of the ship, laying waste and carnage
Blood and water mixed, like it had so many times before

The four had sunk the enemy, had secured the treasure
Their lust and greed had been fulfilled upon this day
Guns shot in the air in triumph, the sound of victory
Suddenly, the sky grew dark, the clouds ominous
The sea stirred; water swirled and raged; the wind
Gusted and blew, tearing the mast straight off the vessel
A whirlpool began to form next to the four
Well, ho! Look there! Something emerged from the deep

White hair, long and straight, sat atop a giant with a beard
A crown of gold garnished the giant’s regal head
A trident, massive and sharp, was held next to the king
Here now was the god of the seas, the fearsome Poseidon
He stared long and hard at the four, pondering
What his response would entail, pondering
He raised his trident, how mighty it looked in the skies
And brought it down, crashing down, killing the four

This week on the Chompcast, we could just not tear ourselves away from Sea of Thieves, as we had yet another adventure. We also managed to talk about mythology in video games, both in setting and influence. We cover an interesting Bio Break regarding the discovery of 30+ new species in a previously-undiscovered area of the ocean. Last, we cover the activity of the social media landscape and a listener email. Hark, ye!

Recorded April 20, 2018