Scum and Villainy - Ep. 87

Scum and Villainy.png

Pitch black.  Cold.  Metallic.  The taste of iron is faint.  The smell of blood in the air.  Breath inhaling and exhaling.  A person sits in a room bound. It can see nothing anywhere, as the room is surrounded in complete darkness.  If someone were to sneak up behind and slit the prisoner’s throat, they would never see it coming.  The taste of blood is fresh, floating in the room, permeating its nostrils.  Suddenly, the prisoner hears a maniacal laugh from a room near him, piercing through the tight walls.  Another deeper, malevolent laugh comes from another location within the ward.  The prisoner wears a wry grin on its face, as it lets out a bloodcurdling laugh of its own, contributing to the cacophony of evil.
Yes, as you may have surmised, this week we discuss villains in video games.  What makes a villain good?  What are some of our favorites?  We spoke of our sea-faring adventures in Sea of Thieves, discussed some listener polls, and held a secret section that Shea and Josh refused to tell the other two hosts. 

Recorded April 13, 2018