More Equal Than Others - Ep. 86


Ten pirates boarded the ship as the cannons blasted, blowing iron into the water and into the hull of the enemy boat.  Swords clanked together, steel meeting steel in combat.  Corpses began to pile up on the wooden floor, blood leaking through the cracks and pouring to the hull below.  The sounds of cannon firing and gun shots blared on the open seas, as the dying calls of the clashing pirates managed to cut through the cacophony. 
The enemy pirates began to overtake the ship, forcing the shipmates of the boarded vessel to wave the white flag of surrender.  The enemies tied up the remaining pirates who managed to stay alive.  The captain of the rogue vessel steps onto the boarded ship.  Without a word, he gives the execute signal.  One of the enemy pirates wielding a gun pulls out a gun and blows away two of the surrenderers with no remorse.  One of the pirates begins to blubber and weep openly, not wanting to die.  The captain laughs at the sight.
Suddenly, a helicopter appears on the horizon.  The pirates from both parties look with confusion and dismay as the winged vehicle approaches at a breakneck speed.  As it gets closer, the pirates hear someone yelling, “Yee haaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww!”  The helicopter stops above the ship, as the wind from the propeller rains down on the pirates, making them scramble for cover.  Suddenly, a horse leapt onto the deck of the ship with a man on top double-wielding rifles and wearing a cowboy hat.  On his brown jacket, there was a pendant in the shape of Montana.
This week’s podcast was discombobulated in the best way possible, as we talked about Sea of Thieves, Far Cry 5, listener polls, and the question of the week: should video games have to say “something”?

Recorded April 6, 2018