A Small Leak - Ep. 92

a small leak square.jpg

You are lying in bed at night contemplating your day. Was it a good day? A bad day? Did you finish everything you set out to do that day? Were there any mistakes that you made? You go over the events in your mind, piecing them together. Something wet drips onto your forehead, and starts to trickle down your nose. You wipe it off swiftly, confused at where it came from. Another drip lands on the top of your head. You look up, as you see a crack in your ceiling. A drop begins to build up in the seam of the crack. You rush to the kitchen to grab a bucket, and bring it back to your bedroom. A few drops have landed on your nice silk pillow case, staining it.
This week on the Chompcast, we discuss the prominence of leaks and what they do to franchises and companies in the gaming world in the wake of the recent leak of Rage 2, Borderlands 3, and other games. We manage to discuss the polls, a little God of War talk, and we have a big announcement for Sword Chomp!

Recorded May 18, 2018