Not the Size of the Game - Ep. 93


Remember the first time that you entered an arcade? You walked in and heard all of the video gaming sounds: guns shooting, characters moving and exasperating, vehicles driving. The flashing lights enticed you to play, overwhelming your auditory senses. You feel something in the air…almost electric. You can’t quite put a finger on it. The scent is a bit pungent, as you smell undeodorized flesh from the multitudes of people jampacked in the building. Shouting occurs at multiple machines as friends watch each other attempt to break high scores set by unknown masters. You hurriedly walk over to the counter, locking eyes with the arcade worker. You dig into your pocket, pull out a $5, and slam it on the counter with excitement. “Can I get tokens, please?” you ask the worker. The worker bends down and grabs a cup full of metal coins from underneath the counter. He hands them to you. You rush off to decide what to spend your coins on first.
This week on the Chompcast, we discuss mini games within games, which prompted us to talk about a whole plethora of games from our past. We discuss this week’s polls that we featured on our media. Next, all four of us finally discuss God of War, which includes multiple spoilers. Lastly, we give a shout out to those who donated to our Patreon monthly campaign. Thank you to each and every listener who continues to support us and give us some of your time out of the day to entertain you. Game on!

Recorded May 25, 2018