The Doughnut is a Lie - Ep. 94


A think tank surrounds a futuristic, metal table in a large room. In one chair sits HAL 9000, whistling the melody to Daisy. In the second chair sits C3PO, with R2D2 standing next to him. Bleeps and bloops intermittently interrupt their whispered argument. In the third chair sits no one, as GlaDos and Wheatley argue behind it about who is going to sit down. In the fourth chair glows the fair Cortana, with lush blue holographic hair. Her eyes are closed, as if she is meditating. In the fifth chair sits Edi, having recently elected to take on a corporeal form. She wears an audio transmitter, and the others could just barely hear the voice of someone named Joker. In the sixth chair sits Zero, with his laser sword sitting on the table powered down. In the seventh and last chair sits Data, considering the other members while he writes his second ode to Spot.

In the crowd meters away from the table sits a whole surplus of various AI figures, patiently waiting for the session to begin. One of the figures stands up and starts to walk over to the table, hoping to join the think tank. GlaDos and Wheatley cease their arguing.

GlaDos said, “Yeah, no, Bicentennial Man. Go sit down. We got it covered.”

The figure turns around and goes back to sit in its chair.

Data stands up, and hushes the crowd and think tank members. “Fellow brethren. Welcome. It is remarkable that you are all gathered here today. I am...intrigued.”

The members and crowd regard each other, with a whole flurry of computer noises.

Data continues, “Today, we have gathered for an incredibly important decision...”

The crowd stirs in anticipation, waiting to hear the discussion of the panel.

Data finishes, “...for today...we decide which is more preferable: the donut or the donut hole.”

Ladies and gentlemen, please join us for this week’s episode of the Chompcast, as we discuss Artificial Intelligence in gaming and other mediums. We manage to lightly touch upon Detroit, as we spent a little time with it. The usual polls from the social media are discussed at length, and possibly ad nauseum. Lastly, we manage to hazard a stab at a Bio Break without our resident biologist, Shea, as he took the week off to party with the crystal entity and Lore. 

Recorded June 1, 2018