Fallout 76

Pentultimate - Ep. 122


Well ladies and gentlemen, we are winding down to the end of the year. We have been wrapping our presents and putting the bows on top, preparing them for next week’s Game of the Year shows. We decided to discuss 2018 in gaming, attempting to hit all of the major points of the year as a primer for the end of the year. We discuss finally getting to play Sea of Thieves with Shea, and reflecting on where it started out to now. Lastly, we end the show with some Game of the Year polls. Make sure you set some cookies and milk out for us, as next week we are coming to your houses for the end of the year hijinks!

Recorded December 21, 2018

A Bright Future - Ep. 119


Pull up a chair, and grab yourself a Nuka Cola. This week we discuss what Bethesda needs to do to get us excited about Fallout 5 after 76, Josh and Morgan talk about Celeste and The Messenger, and we thank our supporters with a fishing trip. Enjoy the show, and don't let the radroaches bite.


Intro - 0:27

Fallout Discussion - 13:51

Listener Comments - 39:20

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 1:06:50

The Messenger - 1:11:10

Celeste - 1:15:35

Patreon shout-out - 1:30:37

In Patreon sketch: "Splash, Jumping, G.wav" by InspectorJ (www.jshaw.co.uk) of Freesound.org

Recorded November 30, 2018