Shepherd Like a Sherpa - Ep. 163

Shepherd Like a Sherpa - Ep. 163.jpg

A woman walked into the Museum of Gold. She was mesmerized by the exhibits. She walked by the gaming podcasts section, stepping through the doorway. She saw the legendary Sword Chomp photo designed by Jason Alan Roberts (a good friend who does amazing work) and her jaw dropped. She also walked by the statue of the four hosts of the Chomp Cast. There stood Fish, Josh, Morgan, and Shea adorned in gold. She was entranced with the Filipino Johnny Depp. She stood at the crotch of the statue, wondering what Fish carried under those gold-plated jeans.

This week on the Chompcast, we asked ourselves the question: is having access to so much art during this golden age making it less incredible? Fish and Morgan talked about getting back into Destiny 2. Josh talked about some of the games that he played in the Apple Arcade. Lastly, we went through the results of the social media polls and a listener email!

Intro – 00:00:27

Topic: Golden Age of Art – 00:16:30

Destiny 2 – 01:05:00

Apple Arcade -01:31:43

Polls – 01:59:01

Email – 02:40:41

Sex Derringer - Ep. 162

Fish BFG.jpg

Exclusion is a feeling or a state most, if not all, people don't enjoy. Getting denied entry into a prestigious country club. Getting denied entry into a club because you're underdressed. Getting denied entry to the rodeo because you didn't say enough "yee-haws" when you walked through the entrance.

On the other hand, some people enjoy showing off their exclusivity, residing in a small cluster of people that have access to a commodity. The feeling that you are important, if you will.

How does the feeling and state of exclusivity affect gaming? This is the topic we tackled this week as we discussed console and PC exclusivity on this week's episode. We also talked more Link's Awakening and Borderlands 3, among others. Start off this spooky month right and carve your way into the newest episode of the Chompcast!


Intros - 0:27

Exclusives - 15:47

Link's Awakening - 46:21

Overland - 1:03:36

Apple Arcade

What the Golf - 1:15:48

Grindstone - 1:21:55

Fledgling Heroes - 1:30:36

Borderlands 3 and associated poll - 1:34:04

Polls - 1:59:43

Patreon Polls - 2:22:23

Recorded October 4, 2019

Einstein Genius - Ep. 161

einstein genius.png

You enter the vault, unsure of what you would find. Your journey was almost near its end. You had been travelling across planets, fighting everywhere. You were about to bring this adventure to its conclusion. Just one final test. A clap trap wheeled itself up to you eagerly. You looked down at the cute and matte robot, ever curious.

It looked up at you with its mechanic eye. A voice suddenly emanated from it:

“Will you…”

It trailed off, struggling to get the words out.

You leaned down in concern.


You began to rub the top of it, attempting to provide moral support.

“Yes, clap trap?”

“W-w-will you….s-s-suck my balls?”

This week on the Chompcast, we wanted to talk about humor in video games. Does it work for you? Is it effective? After that, we got a ton of gaming in: Untitled Goose Game, Control, Borderlands 3, and the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remaster. We snuck in some reminiscing on Medievil in preparation for its imminent release. We released the results of the social media polls, and we wrapped up the show by saying thank you to all of our wonderful Patrons, both new and old.


Intros - 0:27

Comedy in games - 16:08

Untitled Goose Game - 54:25

Control - 1:06:13

Borderlands 3 - 1:18:56

Link's Awakening - 1:44:03

Polls - 2:05:16

Patreon Shoutouts - 2:15:09

Recorded September 27, 2019

30-50 Gears of Boar - Ep. 159

gears of boar.png

Borderlands 3 has hit! The world is gleeful and in awe. It also prompted our topic for the week: being okay with games that are essentially the same with slight additions. A bunch of fans sent in their opinions on it, as well as the social media polls. We got a ton of gaming talk in, discussing Final Fantasy 8 remaster, Gears 5, and Blasphemous. Come check it out, and then get to lootin’!


Intros - 0:27

Similar Sequels - 16:25

Weekly Polls - 50:02

Gears of War 5 - 1:01:50

Final Fantasy 8 - 1:16:05

Control - 1:42:40

Blasphemous - 1:54:16

Patron Polls - 2:07:31

Recorded September 13, 2019

Mystery Driller - Ep. 158

mystery driller.png

A man arose from a bed with a jolt, disoriented and unsure of everything. Where was he? How did he get here? Why was he naked? What fabric softener was used on these sheets that he was under? He scanned the room he was in, giving his eyes a few second to focus. It was sterile and spartan. There were items in the room, but he did not recognize them. What was their use?

He pushed himself up from the bed and began to look at the items. None were useful, so he quickly lost interest. He began to scan the walls and look for an exit. He felt around for a while but could find no door. There were no windows for him to peek out of. He was trapped in the room with no memory, no food, nothing to do, and no escape. He gave up, sat on the bed, and waited.

Hours passed by as he sat there, thinking. He could remember earlier parts of his life, but when he thought about how he got here or why he was here, the memories were fuzzy. It was almost as if they were being blocked by a mental barrier. Nothing he did was bringing himself closer to remembering.

Suddenly a part of the wall opened. A doorway formed, and a few unknown figures stepped through. The man stood up immediately and braced himself. His body went into a fight or flight response. He was ready for anything. Two people stood in the room opposite him. He looked at one, noticing that he was a doctor immediately.

When he gazed upon the other one, he was shocked. He gasped as he took a step back. There before him stood a man that looked exactly like him. The only differences were the lack of blemishes on this imposter’s face and the terrible, atrocious, garbage haircut that he had. I mean, the haircut was, like, really fucking bad. So so bad. How could they fuck it up? Ugh, Anyways.

“Who are you?” the man yelled at the imposter, immediately wanting answers. He had not noticed that he had completely forgone formalities or courtesies.

“He is you,” the first strange man answered. “We cloned you, making his face look more perceivable than yours. Astonishing, yeah?”

The man was taken aback. He stared hard for a few seconds before replying, “I mean, yes, the face looks incredible. But what the hell did you do to his hair?”

This week on the Chompcast, we discussed the awesome 40-minute Nintendo Direct that dropped last week. We wrangled up some polls for you to vote on. We also had a healthy, lengthy discussion of the Final Fantasy 8 remaster. Jokes were abound in this episode. Hop right in and enjoy!


Intros - 0:27

Nintendo Direct - 14:26

Overwatch - 17:05

Little Town Hero - 22:26

Xenoblade Chronicals - 54:05

World of Warcraft Classic - 58:47

Minecraft interlude (and then back to WoW) - 1:00:16

Polls - 1:17:00

Final Fantasy 8 Remaster - 1:31:46

Days Gone - 2:01:51

Recorded September 6, 2019

A Very Full Tuesday - Ep. 157

a very full tuesday.png

Ladies and gentlemen, we have done it. We have somehow made it to the three year mark. We have been recording shows for 3 amazing years. Thank you so much for your unwavering love and support of what we do here.

We started off the episode by talking about fan’s choice of game mash-ups. Next, we discussed who we would want to hire to make our hypothetical game from Sword Chomp. We had some awesome polls to discuss that you, the fans, voted on. We got some gaming talk in as well, discussing No Man’s Sky, Days Gone, Control, and Double Fine Games’ Rad. We wrapped up the show with Patreon shout-outs to our excellent patrons, the word of the month, and a heartfelt send-off to three years. Cheers to many more years!

If you want to check out our sponsor of this week’s episode, Poster Burner, look them up here.


Intros - 0:27

Listener Mashups - 13:49

Sword Chomp Mashup - 32:20

Weekly Polls - 57:24

Control - 1:14:50

Mind Hunter - 1:19:32

Posterburner ad - 1:31:06

RAD - 1:35:00

No Man's Sky Beyond - 1:44:18

Days Gone - 2:12:41

Anniversary Memories - 2:22:09

Patreon Poll - 2:30:56

Patreon Shoutouts - 2:34:06

Recorded August 30, 2019

Scroteez - Ep. 156


The windows are and doors are boarded up. Furniture is shoved against them. 4 huddle in the center of the room, shaking as they clutch their weapons. Sweat beads from their brows as the air is thick with their frightened breath. They can hear the clawing and scratching at the walls. The groans and snarls seep their way through the boards and into the ears of the 4. Boards splinter and crack as the horde attempt to pry their way in to devour the meat bags.

One breaks through and charges at the four. Fish blasts it away with a shotgun. The rotting flesh flies back and sprays multiple members of the horde break into the room. Gunshots and blades tear into the horde. The four are overwhelmed quickly and it seems as if they will be eaten. A deafening barrage of bullets blast into the horde repeatedly, mowing them down with ease. The horde outside is quickly disposed of while the four barely escape death.

They remove the furniture and boards and exit the front door, looking to meet their savior. They see a man with side burns and a camo hat sat atop an artillery gun attached to a tank.

“Call me Sickboy.”

This week on the Chompcast, we have our good friend Paul over at S1ckboy Lounge joined us and brought the topic of indie games for us to discuss. We discussed our weekly polls and listener comments. We also managed to talk about some games, such as Days Gone and Apex Legends.

Please check out our sponsor, Poster Burner, here.


Intros - 0:27

Indie Games - 15:45

Listener Comments - 30:33

Default Shepard - 48:04

Ass-hats and microtransactions - 1:03:54

Poster Burner ad - 1:45:33

Weekly round-up - 1:48:40

Days Gone - 1:54:58

DARQ - 2:05:00

Listener Emails - 2:24:55

Recorded August 23, 2019

A Clockwork Aubergine - Ep. 155


This week on the Chompcast, we had A LOT to discuss. First, we chatted about more Fire Emblem: Three Heroes. We discussed how violence in gaming has affected us personally. Think more anecdotal than speaking about societal perceptions. We revealed that our new merch store is up and running finally! Next, we delve into our weekly polls discussing skateboarding games, the new Pokemon, and the long-lost Bio Break. We caught up with each other and talked about our week. Lastly, we talked more about the Word of the Month segment.

Our new sponsor, Poster Burner, can be found here.


Intros - 0:27

Fire Emblem Three Houses - 12:13

Violence in Video Games - 27:11

Poster Burner ad - 1:05:49

No Man's Sky Beyond - 1:10:58

Skateboarding Games - 1:30:14

Weekly Polls - 1:44:48

Darkest Dungeon - 1:52:14

Bio Break poll - 1:55:49

Word of the Month hint - 2:02:12

Recorded August 16, 2019

A Small Gripe - Ep. 153

a small gripe.jpg

This week on the Chompcast, we dicussed more of our time with Fire Emblem. We also discussed the topic of the week: How has Fire Emblem finally caught on outside of Japan? We discussed the listener responses and talked about the polls from the Instagram and the Patreon. Shea played Sekiro, Darkest Dungeon, and Spyro: Ripto’s Rage, so we let him have his moment of gaming talk. Morgan went to see the Lion King remake, so we had a small chat on that. We also introduced a new game into the show: word of the month. Curious? Good. Come listen to all of the shenanigans of this week’s episode.


Intros - 0:27

Fire Emblem Three Houses - 14:00

Listener Comments - 1:07:16

Catching up with Shea - 1:29:19

Sekiro - 1:37:31

Spyro - 1:43:15

Darkest Dungeon - 1:53:55

Weekly Polls - 2:02:59

Patreon Polls - 2:14:08

The Lion King remake - 2:25:25

Recorded August 2, 2019

BFG - Ep. 152

Fish BFG.jpg

The four houses have gathered. The battlefield is set. Morgan and his band of minions. Fish and his troops of war. Josh and his group of cronies. Shea and his assembly of sycophants. An all-out war is brewing within the four houses. Weapons will be broken. Lives shall end. Obscenities will be yelled to one another. A man brings a trumpet to his lips. He gazes across the field one last time knowing that his life is likely to end. He inhales a deep breath, filling his lungs, and blows.

This week, we discussed Fish going to Quakecon and Doom. We also discussed Thatgamecompany’s new mobile game, Sky. We give our initial thoughts on Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Josh finished his time with Bloodstained and talked about it. Shea finally started Sekiro. Last, we give thanks to our wonderful friends and Patrons. Grab your swords. To war!


Intros - 0 :27

Sky (during intros) - 8:55

The Burp - 21:11

Doomcon - 22:45

Doom narrative - 46:52

Weekly Polls - 1:09:58

Shea starts hosting because Morgan leaves to bone - 1:31:58

Sassy Dicks ad - 1:35:45

Fire Emblem Three Houses - 1:37:37

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night - 1:48:27

Sekiro - 1:56:11

Dr. Mario World - 2:12:45

Patreon Shoutouts - 2:20:11

Recorded July 26, 2019

Dr. Scholl's Battle Armor - Ep. 151

Dr. Scholl's.jpg

This week, in honor of Morgan's poor mending bones, we talk about health in video games. After that we have a bevy of bone related polls. And to wrap up the show, we get into the marrow of Super Mario Maker 2, God of War, Sky, and Tooth and Tail. We hope you enjoy the show. Bon appetit!


Intros - 0 :27

Health in games - 23:16

Polls - 34:11

Super Mario Maker 2 - 54:30

God of War - 1:16:20

Sky - 1:39:20

Tooth and Tail - 1:52:08

Sassy Dicks ad - 2:05:44

Recorded July 19, 2019

Ceaseless Discharge - Ep. 150

Ceaseless Discharge.jpg

Episode 150! To celebrate looking back on 150 shows together we look back at the first half of 2019. Your emcee this week is Shea Layton, filling in for Morgan Barnes who has his poor broken leg propped up and resting.

What games have stuck with us? What memories have just bubbled away like phlegm on a hot sidewalk? Join us to find out. We hope you enjoy the show!


Intros - 0:27

Favorite games from first half 2019 - 12:12

Listener Comments - 55:19

Sassy Dicks ad - 1:20:33

Weekly Polls - 1:23:29

Super Mario Maker 2 - 1:52:46

Sea of Solitude - 1:59:23

150 Game - 2:23:18

Recorded July 12, 2019

Whole Hog - Ep. 149


This week we're joined by Rich Meister to talk about creative games. We discuss Mario Maker 2, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Judgment, and much more. Enjoy!


Intros - 0:27

Intro to creativity topic - 13:23

Mario Maker 2 - 21:11

Weekly Polls - 1:25:09

Importance of how we talk about rape - 1:51:27

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - 2:02:16

Judgment - 2:17:32

Sassy Dicks ad - 2:29:08

Recorded July 5, 2019

I Like It Doughy - Ep. 148


Wow, this was a doozy of a show. To date, this was our longest show of the year! We talked a plethora of games, such Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Outer Wild, and Timespinner. We delved into the polls of the week, which were all over the place. Our listeners asked us a host of random questions, gaming-related and non- for the topic of the week. We rounded up the show with a ridiculous skit for our Patreon shout-outs. Watch out for things that go bump in the night.

Intros – 00:00:27

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon – 00:13:33

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – 00:33:15

Weekly Polls – 00:56:27

Outer Wilds – 01:16:25

Timespinner – 01:27:00

Topic of the Week – Listener Questions – 01:59:00

Patreon Shout-Outs – 02:34:00

Sassy D Merch Ad – 02:53:07

Condomer - Ep. 147


This week we talk about spin-offs that we've enjoyed. We also talk about Obduction, Cadence of Hyrule, and give our first impressions of Outer Wilds and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

Enjoy the show!


Intros - 0:27

Obduction - 6:12

Spin-offs - 13:42

Cadence of Hyrule - 36:54

Bloodstained - 59:27

Outer Wilds - 1:35:38

Sassy Dicks ad - 2:03:03

Recorded June 21, 2019

Newfangled Technology - Ep. 146


"How do I check the faces book on here?"

"You don't, Morgan, and..." *bzzzzzt* *bzzzzzt* *bzzzzzt*... "Is that a pager? Where did you even buy a pager?"

"Ok, but I can send a photograph of my gentiles with this, right?"

"Yeah, old man. You can show everyone your gentiles."

This week on the Chompcast we are joined by guest Leslie Morales (Sector 7 Item Shop) to discuss the highs, the lows, the Reeves, and a game or two from E3 2019. We go over most of the conferences, mention what spoke to us, and run down our favorite takeaways from the show.

Join us for an epic auditory experience that will guide you a great deal closer to the heat death of the universe. Enjoy the show!


Intros - 0:27

Square Enix Conference - 11:39

Nintendo Conference - 47:10

Microsoft - 1:43:33

Weekly Polls - 2:03:53

Bethesda Conference - 2:30:09

Top 5 Games of Show - 2:44:08

Sassy Dicks ad - 2:56:34

Recorded June 14, 2019

Dabble All Night Long - Ep. 145


Guess what? It’s one of our favorite times of the year: E3! Games are announced, footage is released, hype is built, and heads are occasionally put into palms. Yes, through all the bad and the good, this is one of the most exciting times for anyone who enjoys games. Naturally, we wanted to make some predictions despite all of the leaks that happened this year. We had you, the fans, help us out with predictions. Afterwards, we discussed some of the social media polls. We also discussed some games, such as Observation and Dauntless.

Our sponsor is Sassy D Merch, who you can check out here.

Also, if you want to check out the Patreon and become a full-fledged Chomper, you can check us out here.


Intros - 0:27

E3 Predictions:

Microsoft - 14:35

Nintendo - 35:37

Games we'd most like to see - 45:17

Listener Predictions - 53:29

Pokemon Sword and Shield - 1:22:35

Observation - 1:44:52

Nioh 2 beta - 2:00:52

Dauntless - 2:08:44

Sassy Dicks ad - 2:24:27

Patreon Poll - 2:25:34

Recorded June 7, 2019

Double in Tandem - Ep. 144


You-uh like games?.. Know what I mean? Nudge nudge. Say no more. This week we talk about games that we want to have in double. Grin grin. Wink wink. Say no more. We also "discuss" the new trailer for Death Stranding (nudge nudge), Final Fantasy 12 (ayyyyyy), A Plague Tale: Innocence (wink wink), and Morgan and Fish's time in the Sea of Thieves (nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more).

Sit back. Relax. And enjoy the ride (know what I mean, nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more, know what I mean). A nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat.


Intros - 0:27

Obvious Sequels we don't have - 12:52

Weekly Polls:

Modern Warfare trailer - 33:52

Dauntless - 45:10

Pokekombat Fanfic - 47:28

Sea of Thieves - 58:50

Death Stranding Trailer - 1:33:27

A Plague Tale - 1:46:27

Final Fantasy 12 - 1:53:38

Recorded May 31, 2019