Incessant Badger - Ep. 139

incessant badger.png

Dear fans,

This is a 3-course meal to you. We have carefully curated this episode for your excitement and titillation. We have prepared the audio foreplay appetizer by discussing when game series become iconic and everlasting versus wearing out their welcome. We continued the pleasure dish by bringing out the main love dish: discussion of games, primarily Katana Zero. We finished the meal with a delectable dessert of social media comments, polls, and the Patreon shout-outs.

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Intros - 0:27

Irrelevant Franchise Entries - 15:07

Listener Comments - 43:05

Mortal Kombat 11 - 54:07

Sassy D Merch ad - 1:14:08

Weekly Polls - 1:16:47

Duskers - 1:30:12

Katana Zero - 1:36:23

Patreon Shoutout - 1:43:02

Recorded April 26, 2019

Dayamon - Ep. 130


What games have you been buying, ya jabroni? Don’t look at me like that, or I’ll knock your teeth out! Anyways, we’ve been buying the same games over and over again because…well it’s none of your damn business. You wanna go, loser? Didn’t think so.


So check this out, we discuss those games we love to buy. We talk about Far Cry New Dawn. We talk about our sponsor who loves phalluses. We talk about this listener comments and poll results, and if you have a problem with it, you can go fly a kite, ya turd!


Intros - 0:27

Games we keep buying - 22:39

Listener Comments - 49:27

Sassy D Merch ad - 1:05:36

Far Cry New Dawn - 1:19:35

Weekly Polls - 1:37:04

Patreon Shout-out - 1:56:00

Recorded February 22, 2019

How Are You Holding Up - Ep. 112


This week we discuss what causes some old games to hold up and others to feel like last year’s sack of crap. Join us to hear Morgan be wrong, Fish make metaphors out of the unmetaphorable, Josh be an asshole, and Shea wander off to swipe right.

Show times:

Intros - 0:27

How Games Hold Up - 14:39

Listener Comments - 48:35

Weekly Polls - 1:22:53

Recorded October 5, 2018