Borderlands 3

Sex Derringer - Ep. 162

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Exclusion is a feeling or a state most, if not all, people don't enjoy. Getting denied entry into a prestigious country club. Getting denied entry into a club because you're underdressed. Getting denied entry to the rodeo because you didn't say enough "yee-haws" when you walked through the entrance.

On the other hand, some people enjoy showing off their exclusivity, residing in a small cluster of people that have access to a commodity. The feeling that you are important, if you will.

How does the feeling and state of exclusivity affect gaming? This is the topic we tackled this week as we discussed console and PC exclusivity on this week's episode. We also talked more Link's Awakening and Borderlands 3, among others. Start off this spooky month right and carve your way into the newest episode of the Chompcast!


Intros - 0:27

Exclusives - 15:47

Link's Awakening - 46:21

Overland - 1:03:36

Apple Arcade

What the Golf - 1:15:48

Grindstone - 1:21:55

Fledgling Heroes - 1:30:36

Borderlands 3 and associated poll - 1:34:04

Polls - 1:59:43

Patreon Polls - 2:22:23

Recorded October 4, 2019

Einstein Genius - Ep. 161

einstein genius.png

You enter the vault, unsure of what you would find. Your journey was almost near its end. You had been travelling across planets, fighting everywhere. You were about to bring this adventure to its conclusion. Just one final test. A clap trap wheeled itself up to you eagerly. You looked down at the cute and matte robot, ever curious.

It looked up at you with its mechanic eye. A voice suddenly emanated from it:

“Will you…”

It trailed off, struggling to get the words out.

You leaned down in concern.


You began to rub the top of it, attempting to provide moral support.

“Yes, clap trap?”

“W-w-will you….s-s-suck my balls?”

This week on the Chompcast, we wanted to talk about humor in video games. Does it work for you? Is it effective? After that, we got a ton of gaming in: Untitled Goose Game, Control, Borderlands 3, and the Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remaster. We snuck in some reminiscing on Medievil in preparation for its imminent release. We released the results of the social media polls, and we wrapped up the show by saying thank you to all of our wonderful Patrons, both new and old.


Intros - 0:27

Comedy in games - 16:08

Untitled Goose Game - 54:25

Control - 1:06:13

Borderlands 3 - 1:18:56

Link's Awakening - 1:44:03

Polls - 2:05:16

Patreon Shoutouts - 2:15:09

Recorded September 27, 2019

30-50 Gears of Boar - Ep. 159

gears of boar.png

Borderlands 3 has hit! The world is gleeful and in awe. It also prompted our topic for the week: being okay with games that are essentially the same with slight additions. A bunch of fans sent in their opinions on it, as well as the social media polls. We got a ton of gaming talk in, discussing Final Fantasy 8 remaster, Gears 5, and Blasphemous. Come check it out, and then get to lootin’!


Intros - 0:27

Similar Sequels - 16:25

Weekly Polls - 50:02

Gears of War 5 - 1:01:50

Final Fantasy 8 - 1:16:05

Control - 1:42:40

Blasphemous - 1:54:16

Patron Polls - 2:07:31

Recorded September 13, 2019