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Sex Derringer - Ep. 162

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Exclusion is a feeling or a state most, if not all, people don't enjoy. Getting denied entry into a prestigious country club. Getting denied entry into a club because you're underdressed. Getting denied entry to the rodeo because you didn't say enough "yee-haws" when you walked through the entrance.

On the other hand, some people enjoy showing off their exclusivity, residing in a small cluster of people that have access to a commodity. The feeling that you are important, if you will.

How does the feeling and state of exclusivity affect gaming? This is the topic we tackled this week as we discussed console and PC exclusivity on this week's episode. We also talked more Link's Awakening and Borderlands 3, among others. Start off this spooky month right and carve your way into the newest episode of the Chompcast!


Intros - 0:27

Exclusives - 15:47

Link's Awakening - 46:21

Overland - 1:03:36

Apple Arcade

What the Golf - 1:15:48

Grindstone - 1:21:55

Fledgling Heroes - 1:30:36

Borderlands 3 and associated poll - 1:34:04

Polls - 1:59:43

Patreon Polls - 2:22:23

Recorded October 4, 2019

Dabble All Night Long - Ep. 145


Guess what? It’s one of our favorite times of the year: E3! Games are announced, footage is released, hype is built, and heads are occasionally put into palms. Yes, through all the bad and the good, this is one of the most exciting times for anyone who enjoys games. Naturally, we wanted to make some predictions despite all of the leaks that happened this year. We had you, the fans, help us out with predictions. Afterwards, we discussed some of the social media polls. We also discussed some games, such as Observation and Dauntless.

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Intros - 0:27

E3 Predictions:

Microsoft - 14:35

Nintendo - 35:37

Games we'd most like to see - 45:17

Listener Predictions - 53:29

Pokemon Sword and Shield - 1:22:35

Observation - 1:44:52

Nioh 2 beta - 2:00:52

Dauntless - 2:08:44

Sassy Dicks ad - 2:24:27

Patreon Poll - 2:25:34

Recorded June 7, 2019

Old Faithful Switches Things Up - Ep. 108


There comes a time in life when change happens. It is inevitable, as the universe continues to expand and increase in entropy. Some people attempt to avoid it at all costs. Other embrace change and dive headfirst, looking for new opportunities. What’s for certain is that it cannot be stopped; change happens.

The turn of the seasons, aging, sublimation. Change is constantly occurring. What about change makes some people resistant and others ecstatic? Is it the thought of a new start is both comforting and frightening? Is a change to the norm really that terrible? Are the opportunities offered by change that enticing and valuable? Are we sounding pretentious enough by asking these pseudo-existential questions?

Change is the name of the game of this week for the Chompcast, as we discuss changes in video game franchises, having been prompted by the recent announcement of boss battles being introduced in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. We change the format up a bit this week as we decide to have a friendly 2-on-2 debate about whether change is good or bad for video game franchises. Next, we reach into our proverbial media bag and yank out some responses to the week’s question, along with results from the polls. Morgan and Shea briefly discuss their time with No Man’s Sky. Last, we had the pleasure to get early access and work on the entertaining Flamberge, a not-yet-completed game from developer HYDEZEKE.

We want to give a special shout-out to Michael Savage-Benoist to giving us early access to Flamberge. Be on the lookout for this game as HYDEZEKE continue to work on it and get it out as soon as possible!

Show Sections and Times

Intro - 0:27

Show Topic: Change in Video Game Franchises - 21:10

Community Comments - 1:25:10

Morgan and Shea talk NMS – 1:43:40

Flamberge - 1:50:40

Recorded September 7, 2018