Pokemon Sword and Shield

Dabble All Night Long - Ep. 145


Guess what? It’s one of our favorite times of the year: E3! Games are announced, footage is released, hype is built, and heads are occasionally put into palms. Yes, through all the bad and the good, this is one of the most exciting times for anyone who enjoys games. Naturally, we wanted to make some predictions despite all of the leaks that happened this year. We had you, the fans, help us out with predictions. Afterwards, we discussed some of the social media polls. We also discussed some games, such as Observation and Dauntless.

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Intros - 0:27

E3 Predictions:

Microsoft - 14:35

Nintendo - 35:37

Games we'd most like to see - 45:17

Listener Predictions - 53:29

Pokemon Sword and Shield - 1:22:35

Observation - 1:44:52

Nioh 2 beta - 2:00:52

Dauntless - 2:08:44

Sassy Dicks ad - 2:24:27

Patreon Poll - 2:25:34

Recorded June 7, 2019

Groovy - Ep. 131

sobble´s new groove.png

Dun dun dun dun dun-dun dun dun dun dun dun-dun!

You are face to face with a trainer. You are clutching at your belt, deciding which Pokemon to throw out first. Your enemy tosses her first Pokeball out, and a Steelix emerges.

You think to yourself, I know what I’ll do! I’ll throw out my new water starter! It needs the experience. You take a Pokeball from your belt and throw it to the battlefield.

You look in front of you in confusion and horror. A Trubbish sits on the field staring back at you with its gomi eyes.

“What the hell?” you say out loud.

You throw the Pokeball back and put the Pokemon back into its ball.

“I’ve never even caught this Pokemon before. Oh well. Next one!”

Another Trubbish emerges.

“For the love of Arceus!”

You return the second Trubbish. You throw the other four Pokeballs at once, and 4 Trubbish sit in a garbage pile together. You stare dumbfounded. You throw the empty Pokeballs and the other two to the ground, and you walk away in anger.

This week on the Chompcast, Pokemon has made its away around to us again, as we discuss our first impressions of the reveal of Gen 8. We discuss our time with Anthem, enjoying it more than the critics. Morgan discusses his time with Far Cry: New Dawn. We run through the social media business, and we give you our business as we have fun in this excellent episode!


Intros - 0:27

Pokemon Sword and Shield impressions - 2:18

Listener Pokemon comments - 38:04

Anthem - 1:03:24

Far Cry New Dawn - 1:45:22

Sassy D Merch ad - 1:49:15

Catching up with the crew - 1:51:38

Legalizing Prostitution - 1:59:06

Recorded March 1, 2019