A Clockwork Aubergine - Ep. 155


This week on the Chompcast, we had A LOT to discuss. First, we chatted about more Fire Emblem: Three Heroes. We discussed how violence in gaming has affected us personally. Think more anecdotal than speaking about societal perceptions. We revealed that our new merch store is up and running finally! Next, we delve into our weekly polls discussing skateboarding games, the new Pokemon, and the long-lost Bio Break. We caught up with each other and talked about our week. Lastly, we talked more about the Word of the Month segment.

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Intros - 0:27

Fire Emblem Three Houses - 12:13

Violence in Video Games - 27:11

Poster Burner ad - 1:05:49

No Man's Sky Beyond - 1:10:58

Skateboarding Games - 1:30:14

Weekly Polls - 1:44:48

Darkest Dungeon - 1:52:14

Bio Break poll - 1:55:49

Word of the Month hint - 2:02:12

Recorded August 16, 2019

A Small Gripe - Ep. 153

a small gripe.jpg

This week on the Chompcast, we dicussed more of our time with Fire Emblem. We also discussed the topic of the week: How has Fire Emblem finally caught on outside of Japan? We discussed the listener responses and talked about the polls from the Instagram and the Patreon. Shea played Sekiro, Darkest Dungeon, and Spyro: Ripto’s Rage, so we let him have his moment of gaming talk. Morgan went to see the Lion King remake, so we had a small chat on that. We also introduced a new game into the show: word of the month. Curious? Good. Come listen to all of the shenanigans of this week’s episode.


Intros - 0:27

Fire Emblem Three Houses - 14:00

Listener Comments - 1:07:16

Catching up with Shea - 1:29:19

Sekiro - 1:37:31

Spyro - 1:43:15

Darkest Dungeon - 1:53:55

Weekly Polls - 2:02:59

Patreon Polls - 2:14:08

The Lion King remake - 2:25:25

Recorded August 2, 2019

BFG - Ep. 152

Fish BFG.jpg

The four houses have gathered. The battlefield is set. Morgan and his band of minions. Fish and his troops of war. Josh and his group of cronies. Shea and his assembly of sycophants. An all-out war is brewing within the four houses. Weapons will be broken. Lives shall end. Obscenities will be yelled to one another. A man brings a trumpet to his lips. He gazes across the field one last time knowing that his life is likely to end. He inhales a deep breath, filling his lungs, and blows.

This week, we discussed Fish going to Quakecon and Doom. We also discussed Thatgamecompany’s new mobile game, Sky. We give our initial thoughts on Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Josh finished his time with Bloodstained and talked about it. Shea finally started Sekiro. Last, we give thanks to our wonderful friends and Patrons. Grab your swords. To war!


Intros - 0 :27

Sky (during intros) - 8:55

The Burp - 21:11

Doomcon - 22:45

Doom narrative - 46:52

Weekly Polls - 1:09:58

Shea starts hosting because Morgan leaves to bone - 1:31:58

Sassy Dicks ad - 1:35:45

Fire Emblem Three Houses - 1:37:37

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night - 1:48:27

Sekiro - 1:56:11

Dr. Mario World - 2:12:45

Patreon Shoutouts - 2:20:11

Recorded July 26, 2019

Ceaseless Discharge - Ep. 150

Ceaseless Discharge.jpg

Episode 150! To celebrate looking back on 150 shows together we look back at the first half of 2019. Your emcee this week is Shea Layton, filling in for Morgan Barnes who has his poor broken leg propped up and resting.

What games have stuck with us? What memories have just bubbled away like phlegm on a hot sidewalk? Join us to find out. We hope you enjoy the show!


Intros - 0:27

Favorite games from first half 2019 - 12:12

Listener Comments - 55:19

Sassy Dicks ad - 1:20:33

Weekly Polls - 1:23:29

Super Mario Maker 2 - 1:52:46

Sea of Solitude - 1:59:23

150 Game - 2:23:18

Recorded July 12, 2019

The Dark Souls of - Ep. 134

The Dark Souls of Paintings.jpg

A fun occasion this week has occurred, as Shea returned from across the pond to record the newest episode of the Chompcast in Morgan’s lair! We slam into this week with a blow of our hammer as we discuss Souls-esque games, or action role-playing games. We continue the talk as we delve into our initial impressions on Sekiro. Fish, Josh, and Morgan talk about Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, as Morgan’s pestering of Fish to play it has paid off. Last, we discuss the weekly poll results and the community comments on the topic.

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Intros - 0:27

Souls Games - 13:45

Community Comments - 33:25

Sassy D Merch ad - 1:15:52

Weekly Polls - 1:22:09

Recorded March 22, 2019